‘The Truth of Troy’ – Full Documentary

The Trojan War is at the heart of a great story story of Western literature but the historical  existence of the mysterious city of Troy has  been in dispute for decades. Professor  Manfred Korfmann says he has made amazing discoveries.   We see the sunken ship rich in treasure and  the magnificent golden masks and bronze swords  of a warrior people.  Who attacked the city and why? What emerges is  a story of great passion – but not, it seems, about love.

‘Lucky Luciano’ – Full Documentary

Examine Lucky Luciano’s 30-year career as CEO of Murder, Inc. through rare interviews and extensive archival footage. Mob insiders recall the meetings
held in Luciano’s Waldorf-Astoria headquarters.

Naval records reveal how his top-secret war efforts earned him parole from a 50-year sentence. Journey into the dangerous world of La Cosa Nostra for the
definitive portrait of one of the most notorious criminals in history.