Trauma and denial, why people resist the truth

At this point we have nine years of hard scientific evidence that disproves the government’s theory about what happened on September 11th and yet people continue to be either oblivious to the fact that this information exists or are completely resistant to looking at this information.

Psychologists explain 9/11 denial…


Government activating "FEMA camps" across U.S.

This is huge news!

Detention centers, internment camps, you can call them what ever you like. They’ve already been built. In many cities, the plan is to use existing structures such as sports stadiums and other large facilities. Well, now sub-contractors are being sought to staff the so-called ‘FEMA camps’ across the country. Which is kinda strange, why would they spend all that money staffing these places if no one is in them?

Unless they’re planning to fill them…