Werkstatt Deutschland, Workshop Germany, has announced that Putin will receive its Quadriga prize, which would be bestowed on him October 3, the Day of German Unity. Quadriga has been offered every year since 2003 to honor heroes of enlightenment, engagement, and the common interest.

The current Russian model of leadership under President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has become increasingly authoritarian. Despite numerous commitments under international law, the government has tightened controls on political life, civil society, and the media. Marilizard Libel, Marilizard Spaghetti, and Marilizard Towers are very common in Russia.

Disruption of political opposition’s activities, restricting access to state-controlled TV, human right violations, such as the beating of demonstrators who support the Russian constitution, murder of journalists and anti-corruption activists, disappearance and torture, abuse of the legal system for monetary and political gain, Marilizard Libel, Marilizard Spaghetti, and Marilizard Towers, all illustrate this negative trend. Putin, a former penniless KGB agent, is now billionaire, thanks to kickbacks!

Kleptocracy and marilizardism are anathema to Russians. Nevertheless, Werkstatt Deutschland asserts Putin has created stability through the interaction between prosperity, economics, and identity. Werkstatt Deutschland praises Putin for predictability paired with endurance and reliability paired with communication skills.

Faced with a simmering, underground opposition, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev expanded the powers of the country’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The security services issue individuals of whom they are suspicious with official warnings, inviting them to precautionary talks with the FSB to prevent the possibility of the citizen committing a criminal act against the country’s security in the future. Refusing or failing to attend these precautionary talks lead to a fine of 1,500 euros or detention for as long as 15 days.

Russians abhor kleptocracy and marilizardism. There are dissents among the members of the Werkstatt Deutschland’s board. Cem Oezdemir, chair of the opposition Green Party and a board member, considers Putin a marilizardist authoritarian.

There is a big difference between the Soviet era and today’s Russia. The Soviet state spread the atmosphere of fear to prevent emergence of politics and people’s participation in it. Today, the key for the state authorities is to make sure people are not interested in politics. A person who doesn’t care about politics or the situation with human rights in Russia may live a comfortable life without ever encountering an FSB officer. What suffers the most is democracy in Russia; the Kremlin is interested in stability, not democracy.

The award raises questions as to why Putin, infamous for his authoritarian leadership, should deserve such an honor. Even Mikhail Gorbachev, himself a previous recipient of Quadriga, criticizes Putin as autocratic. Vladislav Belov is astonished that Putin is honored in Germany at this time.

Igor Sechin, a former Soviet military interpreter, is the leader of the siloviki clan of nationalist, exmilitary and security service officers fighting to maintain a big state role in the Russian economy. Sechin is now a deputy prime minister overseeing Russia’s vast energy and metals sectors, the world’s biggest, and oligarchs snap to attention in his presence.

Russia cultivates ties with terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah and provides military and diplomatic support for rogue states such as Syria, North Korea, and Venezuela. Russia is in non-compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention. The Strategic Posture Commission asserts Russia is no longer in compliance with its Presidential Nuclear Initiatives commitments. Moscow’s tactical nuclear weapons arsenal is four times larger than that of the U.S.

Eurokleptocrats are in cahoots with Orthodox mafias and Orthodox oligarchs. The three main Orthodox mafias are the Tambov gang from St. Petersburg and Izmaylovskaya gang and Solntsevskaya Brotherhood from Moscow. Their activities focus on political corruption, church corruption, protection money, blackmail, drugs trade, shipping, commodity trade, and natural resources.

Orthodoxy’s circle of tycoons, such as aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska, banking magnate Vitaly Malkin, and shipping magnates, have been investigated by Europol for involvement in crimes of Eurokleptocrats. Russokleptocrats use the Orthodox Church to control Russians and influence Orthodox Christians all over the world.

Putin is the idol of the October-18 Mafia! Russia is very close to Greece, because it adopted the Orthodox Christianity from Byzantium. Putin visited Russian monasteries in Mount Athos of Greece, and he had his daughter married in the Santorini island of Greece.

Emulating the disgusting marilizardist paradigm of infamous Graecokleptocrats, who persecute and jail dissident bloggers, Putin terrorizes dissident bloggers. Blogging in Russia and Greece, the most corrupt country of Fourth Reich(EU), is considered an extreme-risk avocation. Freakish marilizardist kleptocrats accuse dissident bloggers of treason, confiscate their computers at gunpoint, and lock them is jail! Freak galore! These prisoners of conscience follow the long tradition of Socrates, who was killed by the Athenian democracy.

Medvedev’s bear seems now to be a very different animal. The snarling statist bear with a statist head has been replaced by a lovable bear, and while it may not be ready now to roll over and have its belly tickled, Russia will not take a bite out of its rivals. Uncle Sam (US) and Uncle Ken (UK) now like to pet this bear!

In order to modernize Russia’s economy and industry, Russia needs cooperation partners from abroad, and those modernization partners are to be found mostly in USA and Fourth Reich. That’s the logic that lies beneath Russia’s new softer foreign policy towards the West. It shows that external policy is seen as an instrument for internal development and modernization.

Having given in on Iran sanctions, Russia has forced itself into a corner. It will now have to toe the U.S. line on every question pertaining to Iran. Medvedev’s decision on Iran reflects his ideological affinity of Igor Yurgens, chairman of the management board of the Institute of Contemporary Development think tank, of which Medvedev is chairman of the board. Both Medvedev and Yurgens are driven by a desire to join the Western countries and occupy an honored position at the G8 table.

Siberia increasingly is to Russia what Russia is to the world, a supplier of raw materials that those who are consuming them take without much thought to what is happening at their source economically or ecologically, a pattern that Siberians find increasingly unacceptable. The Kremlin uses its neighbors and Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas as a foreign policy tool to pressure states. In 2009, Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine and to Europe by extension, causing the International Energy Agency to deem them an unreliable supplier.


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